We know you have questions. Since we've already heard quite a few from our patients, we can answer some basics right here. If you have more, please don't hesitate to ask!

Frequently Asked Questions


If after reviewing the information below, you have other questions, please call us at 770-709-0900. We will be happy to assist you.

What amenities are included in the annual fee?
  • One-to-One close relationship with your physician
  • An annual examination in addition to that covered by Medicare
  • Urgent appointments usually the same or next business day
  • Physician availability after hours by cell phone
  • Direct phone access during regular business hours with a person, not a machine
  • Strong practice focus on proactive healthcare and wellness
  • Appointment withWellness Coach to develop a customized exercise plan
  • Personal appointment reminders
  • Patient access to lab/test results 24/7
What is Dr. Rozin's philosophy?
I will strive to provide the highest quality medical care, with a major focus on being proactive for your healthcare and wellness as well as offering a comprehensive approach to disease prevention, detection and health management. My goal will be to aggressively attempt to prevent illnesses before they develop, as well as treat them if present. I will use our time together to educate you about your evaluation, treatment and management. I hope to keep your visits from feeling rushed and providing you with professional service where the focus is maximizing your health. As your Internist and the primary physician for your health care, I will be your health care advocate. I will be there to help coordinate all aspects of your care.
What are the major differences from a traditional practice?
Most Internal Medicine physicians have 3,000-4,000 patients, which can lead to long waits, rushed visits or waiting several days or longer for an appointment. With my smaller practice size, your wait time is minimized and appointments consistently start on time. You will have time to ask questions and preventive care will be part of most visits. In most cases you will be seen for urgent problems that day or the next. My staff and I will assist you in scheduling tests outside our office. I will have more time to assist you in coordinating care with specialists and the hospital. I believe that with a less rushed schedule, you will feel that all your questions and concerns are being addressed.
What hospital are you affiliated with?
I am affiliated only with the Gwinnett Health System. My patients will be admitted to Gwinnett Medical Center and I will usually follow them throughout their stay. On occasion, I will utilize the services of an on staff Specialist or Hospitalist (Internal Medicine trained physicians like myself who practice only in the hospital) to care for my patients upon admission. If you require hospitalization under the care of another physician, I will attempt to make informal visits and if needed assist in the coordination of your inpatient care.
Who will cover for you when you are not available?
I will usually be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There will be infrequent occasions when I will be unavailable. Because of this, I reserve the right to designate another qualified physician that I choose to perform any and all services under this agreement should the need arise. If I am unavailable and you need to be seen urgently you may be asked to go to see this physician or you may be referred to an Urgent Care Facility or an Emergency Room depending on your needs.
Should I keep my health insurance?
Yes. My medical practice will not take the place of general health insurance coverage. My practice is a primary care medical practice, not a health insurance program. You are strongly advised to continue your current insurance (HSA, PPO, Medicare or any other insurance program you participate in).
Will you bill my insurance for office visits?
Yes. I will bill your insurance company directly for all insurance covered services and office visits. If your insurance carrier/plan requires co-payments, co-insurance or deductibles, they will be collected at the time of service.
What happens if you are not on my insurance plan?
If I am not a provider for your insurance plan, with certain exceptions, I will no longer collect insurance required co-payments or file insurance claims for you. Office visit charges or charges for other services needed are not included in your annual fee. At the time of your visit you will be required to pay an office visit charge. If you need blood work, urinalysis, EKG's, injections, procedures, immunizations, etc., other charges may apply which you will be financially responsible for, but they may be at a lower cost than you would have been responsible for if I filed your insurance claim. You will receive a statement listing the services you paid for, which you may then submit directly to your insurance company. Your carrier should send any applicable reimbursements directly to you. If you require hospitalization and Dr. Rozin is actively providing care to you, you will be charged for daily hospital visits and the care he provides.
Are you still participating with Medicare?
Yes. I will bill and file claims to Medicare and your supplemental insurer for you as the law mandates. You will still be responsible for co-payments, deductibles and certain non-covered services.
Will Medicare pay my annual fee?
No. The annual fee only includes certain services not covered by Medicare and will not be reimbursed by Medicare. We will not bill Medicare for your annual fee. I will bill Medicare for your other office and hospital visits and for additional services performed at my practice that are covered by Medicare.
Will I be reimbursed by my insurance for the annual fee?
It is unlikely that this service will be reimbursable. Some Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) and Health or Medical Savings Account (HSA OR MSA) plans may pay for all or part of the annual fee if filed as a medical expense. It is unlikely that your insurance will provide reimbursement for the annual fee otherwise. You should check with your insurance agent, FSA/HSA/MSA plan manager or human resources department to see if you are eligible for reimbursement.
Can I deduct the annual fee on my taxes?
The fee is a medical expense and may be deductible in under some circumstances. You should check with your tax consultant to clarify your particular situation.
What happens with the fees for labs, x-rays, specialists' care and hospitalizations?
Any service that is not covered in your annual fee will be your or your insurance company's responsibility. All other procedures or services not performed in my office will be billed by the performing entity.
Will I need a Gynecologist for my annual GYN care?
Yes. If you do not have a Gynecologist, Dr. Rozin will be happy to provide you with a list of Gynecologists he frequently refers to. You and/or your insurance company will be responsible for charges associated with those visits.
What do I do if I have an emergency?
If you have a life-threatening emergency, call 911 immediately. After you call 911, please call me so I may attempt to assist in the coordination of your care. Patients are asked to contact me for non life-threatening issues before going to an urgent care facility at any time of the day or night. I will attempt to address urgent after-hours problems directly. We can then decide the best course of action at that time.
What happens if I get sick and am out of town?
If in the U.S., call 911 if you have a life-threatening emergency. Then call me. You can call me first if the problem is minor. With the exception of a few strictly controlled medications, I can usually call in common prescriptions anywhere in the country. If you seek care at an emergency room or urgent care center, I request that you have the doctor seeing you send my office copies of your records so I am aware of changes in your health. I will be available for phone conversations with you and/or with other health care personnel as needed.
What happens if I need to see a specialist?
You may see any specialist that you wish to or allowed by your insurance plan. I am available to help you decide which specialist to see and to coordinate such consultations. In this way, you will be able to see the most appropriate physician(s) or other health care provider for your condition. If needed, we can send any applicable medical records to the specialist you will be seeing to help expedite your care.
Do I have to pay the annual fee if I don't use all the services?
Yes. By paying the annual fee you are allowed to have access to all the services and amenities. This fee is not for insurance coverage and the practice is not an insurance company. The annual fee does not cover the other medical services you receive. I strongly encourage you to utilize the amenities we offer, including your comprehensive consultation, regardless of your state of health.
What happens if I move after joining the program?
If you move and wish to establish with a new primary care physician, any remaining amount of your annual fee will be refunded on a pro-rated basis. However, if you have already had your annual examination, no refund of any fee will be made. One copy of your records will be sent to your new physician at no charge upon our receipt of a signed HIPAA compliant release form as required by Federal law.
What if I wait to join Dr. Rozin's practice?
My practice will have a maximum limited enrollment size. Once that enrollment limit is reached, a waiting list will be established. Waiting to enroll puts you at risk of not being in my practice. The enrollment will be based on a first come first served basis. I will try to accommodate interested patients, but the enrollment limit must be maintained in order for the program to work toward providing the highest quality of personalized care and service.
What is Dr. Rozin's educational and leadership background?
Undergraduate Degree: University of Oklahoma 1982 summa cum laude
Medical Degree: University of Oklahoma College of Medicine 1987 magna cum laude Graduated 4th in class of 175
Awarded Humane Scholar Award and numerous other academic awards
Internal Medicine Residency: Duke University Medical Center 1987-1990
Private Practice Internal Medicine in Lawrenceville, GA 1991-Current
Certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine 1990, Re-Certified 2000
Fellow American College of Physicians
Chairman, Credentials Committee Gwinnett Health System 1997-Current
Prior Appointments:
Vice-President Medical Staff, Gwinnett Health System
Chairman, Department of Medicine, Gwinnett Health System
Chairman Performance Improvement Committee, Gwinnett Health System
Medical Director, State Farm Insurance Company
Medical Director, First American Home Health Care Agency
Team Physician, Gwinnett Gladiators Professional Hockey Team
Medical Consultant and Contributing Writer, Access Gwinnett Magazine

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