Dr. Rozin provides highly personalized, primary care – with a specialty in the major disease groups that impact today's adults. Should you need the care of other medical specialists, he'll lead your medical team and coordinate all care.

Executive Physical

The Executive Physical performed by Dr. Rozin and his qualified team includes...

  • An extensive health risk evaluation

  • A review of the patient's past medical history, surgical history, immunization history, travel history, family history, medication review and an extensive review of all organ systems.

  • An evaluation for psychological problems such as depression and evaluating for sleep apnea.

  • A comprehensive lab analysis which includes a complete blood count, complete metabolic profile (includes sugar, kidney and liver tests, calcium and protein levels), cholesterol profile, thyroid test, urinalysis, measurement of urine protein level, high sensitivity CRP (marker of heart inflammation) and vitamin D level. A PSA will be ordered for male patients. Additional lab studies to screen for cancer or other disorders can be performed if needed for which the patient would pay for above the cost of the physical, but this would be at a discounted price. Needed vaccines can also be provided at a discounted price.

  • The exam will also include an EKG, oxygen level assessment, hearing test, and body composition analysis.

  • An Exercise Treadmill Stress Test would be included if indicated.

We ask our Executives to allow 3 hours for their physical examination with Dr. Rozin. When the results of the test are back, the patient will have a second (1 hour) appointment to review the results in person with Dr. Rozin. The results can also be discussed over the telephone at the request of the patient. A detailed plan of care based on the above findings and risks will be discussed at the visit. The goal is for the Executive to use the findings from the examination to make changes in health habits that may lead to a healthier lifestyle and improve the quality of life for years to come.